Civil Society in Hong Kong Protest Against the Eviction of the Urban Poor in Beijing

While the Beijing Municipal Government was busy evicting the so-called “low-end population” in the city, there was another “high-end seminar” in the name of “Beijing Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium” taking place in Hong Kong while the Mayor of Beijing, Chen Jining, was presented at the opening ceremony.  Thus, the HKCTU, in collaboration with some other 40 members of the civil society took the opportunity to voice out our concerns by staging a protest at the Symposium (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre) on Nov 29 and demanded the Beijing Municipal Government to stop all evictions of the urban poor immediately.

However, what makes us even angrier is the undemocratic urban planning and demographic policies behind the eviction. Once again, the eviction highlights a handful of authorities and capitalists’ blatant disregard of basic labour rights by treating the migrant workers as “disposable ones", despite their contributions to the prosperity of the city. Although the police blocked our way of expressing our demands to the elites inside the venue, it still did not impede us from condemning their indifference to labour dignity.

Apart from civil society organizations in Hong Kong, a number of trade unionists from France and Brazil also participated in the protest to show that there is no boundary to workers solidarity. In the meantime, our public statement cosignatory will be continued. Organizations are welcome to sign up online at the following website: