Labour Activists Meng Han Arrested Again

Guangdong labour activist, Meng Han, is again taken away by the authorities today (22/9) after being released from prison just earlier this month.  According to reports, 8 policemen from the Guangzhou Nansha Jinzhou Police Station took away Meng Han from his apartment at around 2:30 p.m.  Although the cause of his arrest has yet to be confirmed, but it is believed that it is related to the publication of his “Prison Notebooks” posted on his own blog, which is now deleted by the officials.

In his “Notebooks”, Meng recollects his experiences in organizing the Lide Strike of 2014, which led to his subsequently arrest and imprisonment.  He also expressed his views on the labour movement and his will to fight for workers' rights in China.  Thus, the HKCTU is astounded to learn that the Chinese Government again arrested Meng Han for a crime he never commits anddemands the immediate release of him.

Updated on 26/9:

After about 6 hours of detention at the local police station, Meng was later released on the same night. The Police alleged that his arrest was due to his release of "Prison Notebooks".  Meng was slightly injured in a bust-up with the police.