Labour Rights Violations and Crack down of strike at New An Lun Lamp (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. in China

Labour Rights Violations and Strike in New An Lun Lamp (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. in Guangdong Province, China

Violations on labour rights

The workers had no long tolerate severe violations of labour conditions by New An Lun Lamp (Shenzhen) Company Limited in China. New An Lun Lamp (Shenzhen) Company Limited is a supplier producing bicycle light products in China. The mother company is Milltech International corp, which is a Taiwanese capital. The owner is Wang Zhi Gong.

The factory has severely violated the Chinese labour law and social insurance policies; they have not contributed the pension and housing provident fund to the workers which are mandatory according to the laws. 

Moreover, workers have not been paid for sick leave, maternity leave, work Injury leave and marriage leave which they are entitled to. The factory has just started to pay for workers’ annual leaves from 2011. Workers are requested to report duty 10 minutes earlier in morning and after lunch time without being paid for overtime allowances. According to the labour law, the workers working in high temperature workplace are also entitled to high temperature allowance.

Violations on the Occupational Safety and Health

The factory has not provided safety equipment for the workers and has not arranged any medical check-ups for the workers. Even worse, the factory only opens one washroom for 80 workers and limits the time of usage out of the convenience of management.

The workers sent a complain letter to the management in mid-April but the management only agreed with opening more washroom for the workers but refused to meet other demands. For paying back the unpaid allowances mentioned above, the factory can offer payback for 2 years only. In the process, the employer did not negotiate with the workers and only replied them with a notice.

The workers were dissatisfied with the response and started to strike on April 28, the government departments had showed up but did nothing to help the workers. The workers have been on strike for 13 days to demand for negotiation with the boss. On 11 May, the employer even sent thrugs to attack workers and tried to transport away the finished goods in the factory. Some workers were injured in the conflict.

Ongoing struggles and strike action facing violent assults

The workers staged on strike before May Day and they are still going on their struggles regardless various forms of oppressions from the employers, gangsters and police. Many workers were injured on May 11 when there were a group of gangster coming to the factory plant to attack the striking workers. Some strikers were even forced to knee down to the employers.

 On May 13 morning, policemen broke into the factory plant to arrest 9 workers and the factory immediately dismissed 6 workers' representatives. The 9 workers were arrested under criminal charges and they were still detained at the police station. Many of their co-workers gathered outside the police station to demand for release of them.