Liu Xiaobo: A Lifelong Fighter for Democracy, May His Soul Rest in Peace

Tonight (15/7/2017), we are deeply grieved to mourn the tragic death of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo. But sadness cannot conceal our anger towards the regime of the Chinese Communist Party. As an intellectual, Liu was arrested and sentenced to 11 years in prison for proposing constitutional reform, humanrights and democracy. Liu lost his freedom, and eventually, dedicated his life just because he had the courage to speak up his mind. In 2010, the Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to award Liu Xiaobo the Nobel Peace Prize dispute huge pressure from the Chinese Government. The empty chair and his photo in the ceremony isstill a memorable scene until today.

7 years after the ceremony, Liu Xiaobo was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in prison. Although the government officials claimed that monthly health checks were carried out in prison, Liu’s health was still allowed to deteriorate to a state that was untreatable. Should his disease to be treated adequately in an earlier stage, Liu Xiaobo’s untimely death may have been avoided.

Liu Xiaobo once said ‘I have no enemy’, but he was supressed by the regime that treated him as an enemy, resulting to a tragic end to his respectable life. In his final stages of life, the Communist Party still refused Liu’s request to choose the methods and locations of medical treatment of his own will.

As his death has become irreversible, we must now turn our attention to the condition of his wife, Liu Xia, who has been put under house arrest since the imprisonment of Liu Xiaobo. In light of the experiences that family members of Li Wangyang’s had to put up with after Li’s death, it is conceivable that Liu Xia will be subjected to further hardship and surveillance in future. The Communist regime must stop the house arrest put on Liu Xia, and ensure her freedom will not be obstructed.

The Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship seems to be indissoluble at the moment, but we will not give up. We will be even more persistent to fight for democracy in the future, because we believe that only persistence will bring success.

May Liu Xiaobo’s soul rest in peace.