No Regrets Even if Beheaded

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the labor movement hero Li Wangyang’s death. Mourning with great sadness, the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) and the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China (The Alliance) marched to Liaison Office, demanding a thorough investigation of the cause of his death and punishment for perpetrators. We will continue to fight until Li Wangyang reclaims justice.

The following is a statement issued by the Alliance:

June 6 of 2016, two days following the 27th anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre, is the 4th anniversary of brave man Li Wangyang’s suspicious death.

Since the 1970s, Li Wang Yang had been promoting democracy among workers in his community. For showing support for the 1989-Democractic Movement and establishing independent worker’s organization, he was imprisoned for 22 years. During his imprisonment, Li was beaten, confined in a so-called “coffin-cell” and tortured so much that he was permanently disabled. However, Li Wangyang did not succumb to the slaughterer regime, but endlessly fought for democracy and justice.

After his release from prison, Li famously said, “If China adopts democracy and implements a multi-party political system, I would have no regrets even if I am beheaded.” Two days after his speech was broadcasted, he was found dead and authorities claimed that it was a suicide. Hong Kong people remain angry and demand for a through investigation that would reveal the real cause of Li Wang Yang’s death.

We must remember Li Wangyang’s perseverance and his call for our conscience. In the past, The Alliance and a number of organizations from the civil society in Hong Kong launched numerous actions to demand justice for Li. These include protests at the Liaison Office, a 25,000-people strong march, ‘The First Seven-Day Memorial”, a petition that was co-signed by 100,000 people, a protest on the arrival of Hu Jintao to Hong Kong and a complaint to the United Nations against the Chinese Government.

The Chinese government continues to distort the truth by claiming that Li Wangyang had committed suicide. Wangyang’s younger sister Wangling and her husband Zhao Baozhu, who had been taking care of him since his release, and his lifetime friend, Zhou Chengzhi, insisted the government must be prosecuted and should be ashamed for her actions.

Today is the fourth anniversary of Li Wangyang’s suspicious death. We, as members of the civil society, protest at the Liaison Office to mourn for a brave man’s death, and reiterate our demands:

-Allow an independent body to re-investigate the cause of Li Wang Yang’s death
-Punish those who were responsible for Li Wang Yang’s death
-Claim justice for those who have been sacrificed

Condolences for Wangyang!  Demand for Truth Until the End!

Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China

6th of June, 2016