Responses from UNIQLO and G2000 concerning workers’ strike in Artigas Factory

In response to the open letters from the General Secretary, Ms Lai-ha Cheung, of the Retail, Commerce and Clothing Industries General Unions on 15 January 2015, UNIQLO and G2000 has made their responses on 20 January and 18 January 2015 respectively. Both the company have acknowledged the problems stated by Ms Cheung in the letter seriously and have requested Artigas for an appropriate explanation and urged the factory to negotiate with the workers. G2000 also announced that they have stopped placing new orders in Artigas since early January 2015 until the dispute is resolved. The companies pay great attention to the creditability of their business partners and wish the labour dispute can be resolved as soon as possible. Full version of responses from UNIQLO and G2000 are enclosed below. 

Response from Fast Retailing Group (UNIQLO)

Response from G2000

A public statement on 18 January 2015.

Statement: Responses to labour dispute at our supplying factory

A labour dispute has taken place in one of our supplying factories. In early 

December 2014, workers staged a strike in Artigas Clothing & Leatherwear 

Co. Ltd, due to missing social security premiums and housing public 

accumulation fund in arrears. The labour dispute has not yet been resolved.

In early January 2015, G2000 has decided to immediately stop placing new 

orders in this supplier, until the case is resolved and a new decision will be 


Our chairman Michael Tien has urged the factory to seek consensus with 

the workers’ representatives through negotiation. G2000 has always been 

concerned about our business partners’ credibility and wishes this case can 

be appropriately settled as soon as possible.



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