Thousand Went on Strike as the World’s Largest Mobile Phone Screen Producer Plans to Move

More than 1000 workers went on strike at the Biel Crystal Production plant in Shenzhen, when news of plant relocation to Huizhoun broke out earliers.  On December 7, the workers protested to the Shenzhen Longgang Municipal Office and demanded the government to intervene.

Biel Crystal denied the news of relocation, but at the meantime, also refused to present the workers with any written confirmation.  According to various internet sources, some workers are still on strike and demanded the employers:

1.  To provide written confirmation regarding plant relocation;
2.  To pay all social security and housing provident in arrear.

As the world's largest mobile phone screen producer, Biel Crystal accounted for 60% of the global screen production and two-thirds of IPhone screen production share. Production bases are located in Shenzhen and Huizhou to establish, with a total annual output value of 30 billion yuan.

Despite denying plant relocation, the management continues to push for "relocations packages" and encouraged workers to voluntarily relocate to the Huizhou plant

Yeung Kin-Man and his wife, the founders of Biel Crystal, are native Hong Kong capitalists who rank eighth in the 2017 Forbes’ Hong Kong Rich List.  Regardless of their wealth, the employers expose their irresponsibility in misconducts such as indifference to the demands of the workers in Shenzhen, suspicion to concealing the news of relocation and evading responsibilities in social security and housing provident fund.