What can worker Wenxia do when Disney has been silent for its supplier Mizutani’s escape?

Wenxia comes from Changde, Hunan. She is now 43 years old. She entered the Mizutani factory, supplier of Tokyo Disney, twice. In total she worked there for 12 years. Her husband worked even longer. He started working there at 1998, the second year after the establishment of Mizutani factory. When the factory closed, he had been working there for 18 years.

33% salary deducted!

In March 1999 when Wenxia entered Mizutani factory for the first time, she only got ¥11 per day. In contrast to the regulation by law, she didn’t get double paid at weekends. She only has one or two rest days per month. Everyday she worked overtime for at least 4 hours. Sometimes she had to work till 2 or 3am of the next day. In such a harsh working condition, she earned ¥500-600, and ¥750 at maximum.

Let’s compare with the regulation by law. In 1999, the minimum wage level of outskirt of Shenzhen is ¥330/month,so the daily salary should be at least ¥330÷21.75=¥15.17 /day。If Wenxia worked 28 days per month, 12 hours per day, with 22 days as weekdays and 6 days as weekend, how much salary was illegally taken away by Mizutani?


Daily Salary

Basic Salary

Weekday OT

Weekday OT





















Wage Difference


It means that Wenxia had ¥268.86/month deducted by Mizutani. It is equivalent to 33% of her actual salary!

No pension at all!

Wenxia and her husband worked for Mizutani for 12 and 18 years respectively. But the company did not apply for Pension Insurance for both of them, which was violating the law. Wenxia said that the factory only started applying Pension Insurance at 2008. Such application was also restricted by management level.

In 2005, Wenxia quitted the job to give birth to baby. She returned to at 2008. At that time, the management asked whether she want to apply for Pension Insurance. Considering that she may not work there for a long time to take care of kids and mom, she did not apply for it. After that the management did not ask her again. But the company applied the Insurance on work-related injuries, medical care, unemployment and pregnancy.

No Pregnancy Insurance, Having only basic income during pregnancy leave

In 2005, when Wenxia was pregnant, she quitted job and went home. But at that time, the factory did not pay for the Pregnancy Insurance, and she can apply for not working overtime after getting pregnant. But during the maternity leave, she got no pregnancy subsidy. The salary was not given according to the average monthly salary before. Instead, she only got the basic salary.

Being unemployed, what’s going on with her family?

Wenxia’s husband’s mother passed away for a long time; his father stayed at the hometown being sick. They also have two daughters. The elder one is 20 years old and she did not have a work. The younger one is 10 years old and studying at a private school in Shenzhen. The school charges ¥2700 per semester. With the transportation and meal fee, the cost per semester is ¥3700.

Now Wenxia and her husband were unemployed and cannot find new job. And the couple do not want to leave Shenzhen because it is better not to change school for her daughter frequently. So Wenxia is still staying at Shenzhen to take care of her daughter. As a result, she is not able to work in factories because of the long working hour.

It is the toughest moment of her family. However most factories do not employ workers over 40 years old. It is very difficult for Wenxia and her husband to find regular jobs. Throughout their working lives, they never joined the Pension Insurance. So they can get to pension after retirement. So what will happen when they get old? Wenxia hope that she can pay back for the pension contribution such that she can receive pension when after retirement.

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