Workers Leaders from Hong Kong solidarity makes us strong we support Shenzhen Artigas I

Construction Site Workers General Union committee member Bagen (left) and Coach Drivers Union committee member Nan (right)

Shenzhen Artigas Clothing and Leather (hereinafter Artigas) is a branch company of Hong Kong Lever Style Inc. (hereinafter Lever), a Hong Kong enterprise. It is also a manufacturer of the world famous clothing brand UNIQLO. Hundreds of workers in that factory have been fighting for their rights since last December, but Lever has not faced its wrong doings, nor has it responded to workers’ pleads for negotiation. Lever even shove its responsibilities and connived with local government in suppressing the strike and unreasonably arrested workers’ representatives. Their acts were so surprisingly shameless that it finally irritated multiple labor rights groups around the world who initiated a series of global solidarity protest actions. In Hong Kong on July 15th, several labor groups sent representatives to protest in front of the UNIQLO Lee Theatre Flagship store in Causeway Bay.

「Workers around the world should support each other」