Yue Yuen workers from New Factory No.3 at Dongguan went on strike again because of factory merge

After a strike in 2014 over missing social security funds, another strike broke out on 16 March 2015, in Yue Yuen Industrial Group, a global shoe-maker under the the Pou Chen Group.

In the morning of March 16, some 300 junior managerial staff members and some 2,000 grassroots workers started the strike in a 7-storey factory in Yue Yue's New Factory No.3. The junior managerial staff members have heard that Factory No.3 would merge with Factory No.1 in May and workers have not been informed about their job arrangements. They resented such a practice and blocked the gate of the factories administrative department, to fight against the merge.

Workers are worried that the merge would cause them to be transferred or demoted. As a result, junior managerial staff, such as section chiefs, line supervisors and shift heads organized this strike and front line workers took part. At the moment, the factory has been paralyzed.

At the time of writing, i.e. the third day of the strike, Yue Yuen has neither disclosed any details of the merge, nor express its wish to cancel the merge. It is expected that the strike will continue.

Original Source: Chuí Zǐ Zhī Shēng http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5MjkzNjUzNg%3D%3D&mid=206474627&idx=1&sn=68305ed6ddc4748fca2589f77a392ebc#rd