Do You Want To See Fake Democracy From The Mainland Transplanted To Hong Kong?

Taking A Bad Proposal First Is Like Drinking Poison

Authors: Chan Chiu Wai, Mung Siu Tat, and Ng Chi Kin

For months, the propaganda machine of Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying, Government High Officials, the Pro-Establishment Camp, and Lackeys of the Mainland are using their carrots and sticks as an attempt to persuade the Hong Kong people to “Take it First” and accept a fake Democracy for the 2017 Chief Executive Election.

So, what kind of proposal they want us to “take”?  And are these proposals “acceptable”?  This issue of the HKCTU Solidarity Post will take a closer look in it.

The sweets that the Chinese Communist Party and Pro-Establishment Camp are selling us, are nothing more than poisons which are not mentioned in the Article 45 of the Basic Law: Institution Nomination, Block Vote, Majority Nomination, Candidates must be Patriotic.

Let us take a look at the consequences after taking these poisons:




Screening Effect



There is no stipulation of patriotism in the law nor any clear clarification of such from the Pro-Establishment Camp. They only claimed that patriotism is “self-evident’.

The Chinese Communist Party and the Pro-Establishment never dare to define whether those officials and dignitaries who send their family and assets abroad are patriotic or not?  Nor have they ever explained whether patriotism is equivalent to support the one party dictatorship?

Despite “Triads can be patriotic”, the Pan-Democratic camp is identified as “Anti-Chinese”.  By means of this “self evident” screening, it is foreseeable that all Pan-Democrats will be screened out.  Leaving those patriots including Triads members! (Photo: Lee Cheuk, Audrey Au, and Alan Leung are screened out)


Nomination Mechanism

Individuals in the Nomination Committee do not have the right to nominate candidates.  Candidates require the brace of the Committee as an institution.

Both Elsie Leung and Raymond Tam admit that institutional nomination is not stipulated in the “Basic Law”

Traditionally, the Pan-Democratic camp occupies less than 25% of seats in the Election Committee.  Take the 2012 CE Election as an example, Albert Ho was nominated by 188 members (15.7%) of the Committee

Other popular figures who are not acceptable will be screened out by the Central Government; Chow Yun Fat, Anthony Wong, Joseph Sung, Wong Yan Lung, and Ricky Wong.  (Photo: the above will be screened out, leaving Leung Chun Ying, Fanny Law, Peter Woo, Ng Leung Sing, James Tien, and Wang Jin)


Block vote

Block Vote must comply to the candidates limit.  Meaning that members of the Nomination Committee can poll before the universal suffrage, in electing the real candidate can be no more that the limit allowed from a number of “Prospect Candidates”.

The filtering and screening of candidates by a small group of people is extraordinary in many democratic countries.


Not only the concepts of block vote and screening were not mentioned in the “Basic Law”, it also sets a higher nomination benchmark than preceding CE elections

Arsenic Trioxide:

Majority Nomination

Meaning only candidates who attain majority votes from the Nomination Committee are eligible to become a real candidate for the CE election


What is left to be chosen from after screening?

First they screen out the Pan-Democrats; then they screen out those who are popular but are not acceptable to the CCP.  This is not that we can think of as universal suffrage.  Do you think the citizens are still eager to vote?  Isn’t this a waste of public spending?

Can you accept Mainland Style Universal Suffrage?

It is not a coincident that the Central Government published her white paper on “One Country, Two System in Hong Kong” during this critical moment in fighting for universal suffrage.  In the Paper, One Country, Two System” is interpreted as “complete governance”, it is obvious that the Central Government is paving the way to replicate her Mainland Style Democracy in Hong Kong.  From the colonial era to the SAR, Hong Kong people have been fighting for democracy for years, are you really willing to accept this fake version of democracy?

No To Mainland Style Democracy Workers’ Support is Obligatory

Other Than Civil Disobedience, There Are Other Supportive Roles You Can Be Involved

When all forms of expressions and negotiations become futile, civil disobedience is the only feasible means to fight for democracy and confront totalitarianism.  Thus, the HKCTU encourages all workers to rise up and participate in Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP).

In order to inspire broader social support and mobilization, the civil disobedience advocated by the OCLP hopes that a lot of people will be willing to take the risk of illegal actions and prosecution to accentuate the injustice inflicted by the dictatorial regime.  But in addition to the legal risks of civil disobedience actions, the movement also requires a large amount of supportive actions that do not involve illegal actions.

To fight for democracy and the improvement of livelihood, it is a worker’s obligation to be resolutely determined.  Thus, the HKCTU would like to call on all workers to join the “Workers for True Democracy” Support Group by means of the following:
A)     Please contact Mr. Chan Chiu Wai at 2770 8668; or
B)     Come to our office in person.
Working men and women, this is a critical moment, rise up and unite to fight for the future of Hong Kong and for our next generation.