E-newsletter Issue - No.3 - Population Policy: For whom?

Population Policy: For whom?
Employers create labour shortage

The government relieved the population policy consultation paper in late October. The main issues raised in the consultation paper are the aging population and the shortage of workforce. The HKCTU is afraid that the government will import more foreign workers.
The paper echoes the voice of business sector. Shirley Yuen, president of Chamber of Commerce recently asked the Government to import low skilled workers while many industries have difficulties in recruitment.

Sharing Prosperity and Combating Inflation 7% pay rise next year

In early November 2013, the Employers' Federation of Hong Kong recommended employers to offer a pay rise of 4% in 2014. The media and some commentators focused in praising the recommendation, as for the first time, is close to the estimated inflation. Indeed, the wages increase recommendations the Employers' Federation made in the previous years, have clearly reflected that the Hong Kong employers would deliberately exclude the working class to share prosperity. Worse than that, the often below-inflation pay rises caused many to suffer from a fall of living standard.

Swire-Coca Cola Broke Their Priomises Workers Staged Strike for CBA

"Strike for a written agreement? What sort of agreement is it?"
When Swire Beverages (Hong Kong) Employees General Union staged a strike on 3 October 2013, you might probably be puzzled. The conflict was not arisen all of a sudden. The employees only went on strike after suffering from longstanding and unbearable bitterness. The following is a story of their struggle.

The Birth of International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF)

Domestic workers of the world unite on October 28th!  We have done it, the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) was founded to organize domestic workers of the world.   When the constitution was passed, 200 people in the community hall of the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, chanted and dances in joy, waving their ballots and embracing each other in solidarity.  The venue echoed with the slogan "Sí, se puede!" (We did it!) and "Solidarity Forever!".