E-newsletter Issue No.2 - Bitterness in the skies

Bitterness in the skies: Interview with unionists (a pilot and two flight attendants)

A local TV drama “Triumph in the Skies II" has set off a stir throughout the city. Many people admire the wonderful lives of pilots and flight attendants because of the series. Is their career in real life similar to that portrayed in the series? We have interviewed a pilot and two flight attendants to understand the sweetness and bitterness of their jobs, and how their unions strive for labour rights.

Say NO to censorship and fake universal suffrage
Support to civil nomination

Until now, the Hong Kong SAR Government has been delaying to put out a universal suffrage proposal for public consultation, while it has become a heated debate in the civil society. The civil society is aiming to reach a consensus, to further advocate the Government to adopt a genuine universal suffrage method. In this issue of the HKCTU Newsletter, we are introducing some of the genuine universal suffrage methods. [read more]
Domestic Worker in cage

Kartika’s case first broke out last month, the Hong Kong public was shocked at the maltreatment of migrant domestic workers.  Meanwhile, it has provided an opportunity for the public to gain an insight to the issues confronted by many migrant domestic workers. When the verdict came out, the employers were justly sentenced for three to five years of imprisonment.