E-newsletter Issue No.4 - Womens Friendly Workplace

Blueprint for Women-Friendly Workplace

The Steering Committee on Population Policy has recently published a consultation document on future population policy and repeatedly stressed the need to attract more women into the labour market.  So, what kind of working environment encourages women to enter the workforce? Creating a "women-friendly workplace" is most important.  In this issue of the Solidarity Post, we have interviewed a number of working women from various professions, analyzing the obstacles they encounter in the workplace, and piece together the ideal blueprint for a women-friendly workplace.

The labor strike actions by the South Korean Railway workers, which began in December 2013 and lasted for 21 days, have finally concluded just before New Year’s Eve. The strike has succeeded in prompting the formation of an independent advisory committee by the Government, which consists of union representatives, employers, officials and independent professionals and is responsible for examining and preventing the privatization of South Korean Railways. Indeed, the strike was a formidable and challenging one in nature, as it has from the beginning been labeled as an “illegal strike” by the Government; South Korean President Park Geun-hye has even blatantly “persuaded” the workers in buying the privatization policies through violent means of arrests and prosecutions.

Standard working hours: opinions from international expert
Interview with ILO working hours expert Jon Messenger

The Standard Working Hours Committee will commence consultations shortly to discuss whether Hong Kong should implement standard working hours. Both the media and workers have a lot of questions on this issue. In this regard, we have interviewed ILO expert Jon Messenger in Geneva, Switzerland.

In Hong Kong we pride ourselves on the Rule of Law and treating others fairly. Yet the women who come here as domestic workers are systematically exploited by unscrupulous agencies and employers. Many are lied to about their jobs and wages, charged excessive illegal fees, paid less than the Minimum Allowable Wage, and have their passport confiscated. All these practices are against the law and can amount to trafficking for forced labour. This is a type of modern day slavery.

Chinese New Year Greetings from HKCTU

Wish you Good Health and Best Wishes in the Year of Horse!!!
President Cheng Ching Fat:
Brings in Fortunes to Strengthen Labour Movement
Vice Treasurer Gordon Lam:
Education for New Union Leaders to Create a Better Tomorrow:
Chairperson Pun Tin Chi
Affiliates Development to Work Wonders
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Support Rice Bowl
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Collective Bargaining for Justice
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Memberships Ever Growing
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Minimum Wage at $35
Vice President Chan Sam Choi:
Legislate on Standard Working Hours Now