E-Newsletter No.6 - Do You Want To See Fake Democracy From The Mainland Transplanted To Hong Kong?

For months, the propaganda machine of Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying, Government High Officials, the Pro-Establishment Camp, and Lackeys of the Mainland are using their carrots and sticks as an attempt to persuade the Hong Kong people to “Take it First” and accept a fake Democracy for the 2017 Chief Executive Election.
So, what kind of proposal they want us to “take”?  And are these proposals “acceptable”?  This issue of the HKCTU Solidarity Post will take a closer look in it.

The sweets that the Chinese Communist Party and Pro-Establishment Camp are selling us, are nothing more than poisons which are not mentioned in the Article 45 of the Basic Law: Institution Nomination, Block Vote, Majority Nomination, Candidates must be Patriotic.
Let us take a look at the consequences after taking these poisons.

About Standard Working Hours: Something you need to know

The public will continue to discuss and argue about standard working hours (SWH) even though public consultation conducted by The Standard Working Hours Committee (SWHC) has been completed. During the consultation period, business sectors mobilized hundreds of people to participate to oppose legislation. If we, workers, do not organize to fight for the SWH, it is afraid that the government will abort the legislation.

There are many discourses trying to discredit the SWH, for instance, people say the SWH will cause high inflation, labour shortage, etc. In view of this, we would like to refute these misunderstandings in this article.

Q: Why we need the SWH? Isn’t it better to have flexibility?

Updates of HKCTU

Wish all domestic workers in the world a reasonable protection

On the International Domestic Workers, the Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions organized an activity to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of C189. During this sunny day, they played dramas and dances on a pedestrian street of Mong Kok to attract the public paying attention to the daily lives of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.

A new term of executive committee of HKCTU was born

The 24th term of Annual Members General Meeting (AGM) was held on July 13rd 2014. The main activity of this meeting is the election of a 2014-2016 executive committee of HKCTU. Apart from the women constituency and the federation constituency, other 18 positions of the committee were selected out of 20 nominations from affiliates. There was an electricity short circuit at the beginning of the meeting but the overall programme went well. The happiest moment was awarding giving such as the most attractive team in May Day Rally and the well achievable awards for 3-year plans. Congratulations to The Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions which got most of the awards.

International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) 3rd  World Congress

More than 1,500 trade union representatives from 161 countries came to Berlin during May 18 to May 23 to attend the 3rd World Congress of ITUC. The ITUC congress had an election on general secretary and executive committee. HKCTU sent 5 representatives to the congress taking every opportunity to express the concerns of labour rights issues in Hong Kong and mainland China. At the end of the congress, the amendments from HKCTU concerning the right to freedom of association and right to strike of Chinese workers were accepted to be included in the Congress Statement.

A victory of justice! Wu guijun is released.

Wu guijun, whom you should know about. Do you remember a strike of one HK owned household products factory in Shenzhen from March to May last year? Wu was arrested due to his participation in the strike. After more than a year of non-legitimate detention for more than a year without a legitimate reason and four trial hearings, it was found that no evidence can prove brother Wu guilty. Finally, the procuratorate dropped the charges against Mr. Wu on June 9th detaining for 1 year and 7 days due to no reason. I demand an explanation from the authority concerned and I am discussing with my lawyer for possibilities of any legal actions” said by Wu guijun.

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