Collective Bargaining Rally 2014

Struggling for Democracy at Workplace
Collective Bargaining NOW

HKCTU organized an annual rally on December 7th 2014 to call for the right to collective bargaining and to demand for 7% pay rise. The rally went to different headquarters of big corporates such as Swire, Cheung Kong and the Government Headquarter. The protesters wrote down their wishes on yellow ribbon and put it on the gate of government headquarters.

Mr. Hing Lung Chan, a chairperson from Swire Beverages (Hong Kong) Employees General Union spoke at the rally.

During the rally, representatives from Swire Beverages (Hong Kong) Employees General Union and DragonAir Flight Attendant Association shared the progress of negotiation with employers in improving working conditions. The Swire Beverages union signed a collective agreement with the company on employer and employee negotiation framework. The DragonAir union gained a better arrangement of time shifting and two rest days after 5 day work after 8 negotiation meetings with the company.

Ms.Priscila Mok, a chairperson from DragonAir Flight Attendant Association spoke at the HKCTU rally for collective bargaining 2014