HKCTU general secretary called for more campaign plans in the ITUC AP action programme 2016-2019

Intervention on Action Plan

Thank you for your support to the workers in Hong Kong in our struggle for democracy during the umbrella movement last year.  We have voted down in the Legislative Council the fake democracy proposal imposed on Hong Kong by the National People Congress.  We have not yet achieved universal suffrage but we will continue our struggle for democracy.
The Chinese workers are deprived of their rights to independent unions but they are struggling for their rights even under political suppression.  There are waves of strike by workers for better wages or compensations for unfair dismissal, and they tried to press for negotiation.  But many of the strikers had to face the public security and in some cases beaten up and in other case arrested for public disorder.  The Chinese Government is also considering a law to control NGOs and is already putting pressure on Chinese Labour NGOs for their work among workers.  But the workers still continue to struggle and to go on strike.
It is imperative for the ITUC-AP to support basic labour rights and especially in our region the rights index is 4.14 very close to 5.  I am sure ITUC-AP action program will address this issue and other labour issues raised by affiliates but the question is implementation.
We do not want to see seminars after seminars without campaign plan or clear targets to be achieved.  This is why we need to change.  I call upon all of us here to support change including creation of the post of Assistant General Secretary to strengthen our organization.

Intervention on the election of General Secretary

State clearly the HKCTU supported Carol for the post of General Secretary because Carol represented Change.  We have been asking for changes of the way AP was run for many years withourt result.  AP is just repeating the same work every years.  We hope that there can be evaluation of the work.  There should be priorities and focus and there should be short term achievable goals.  We want result s for our programs and evaluation of our programs to see why we can not avieve the results.
Intervention of the Constitutional amendments
Register my opposition on the way they changed the votes to based on membership and this is unfair to small affiliates.
Support a working group to look into Constitutional reforms.
Support having an AGS to support the GS in his work.  AP should not put all responsibility on one person.  He or she should be supported by an assistant.  Most Unions had this structure and ITUC other regions have this structure.