In solidarity with the striking workers from the New An Lun Lamp, labour organizations from Hong Kong and Taiwan launched a join action on May 15th, 2015 to protest against the New An Lun Lamp (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.  New An Lun is a bicycle parts production company which supplies parts to major European brands such as AXA, Messingchlager, and Buchel.  The workers exposed a series of violation of labour regulations and poor working conditions such as long term non-payment of social insurance and high temperature allowance, and harsh limitation on toilet time in an open letter and went on strike since the eve of May Day in order to express their grievances.

The New An Lun misconducts includes:

  1. Lack of retirement security: non-payment of social insurance;
  2. non-payment of overtime allowance and unreasonable deduction of salary;
  3. workers are exposed to dangerous working conditions: protective equipment are not provided to the workers and non-payment of high temperature allowance;
  4. high pressure management: intimidate workers when production targets are not met.  There was an incident where a female worker collapsed and hospitalized after being held in a solitary confinement for a whole day;
  5. public toilets are locked up during working hours, only one cubicle shared among 70 people.


Peaceful actions from the workers are being dealt with in a violent manner.  On May 11th, in order to force through shipments, the management sent mobsters into the plant to assault and intimidate the workers.  Subsequently, the company dismissed six striking workers on May 13th.  At the same time, the local police stormed the plant and arrested nine workers.  Despite most of them were released the next morning, two female workers remain in detention.  However, the police refuses to issue a detention notice to the family of the detained workers.  Meanwhile, most of the arrested and dismissed workers are elected worker's negotiation representatives with the consent of the company.  According to the “Guangdong Enterprise Collective Contract Law”, employers are not allowed to dismiss negotiation representatives during the bargaining period.  Thus, such dismissals by the New An Lun employers are illegal.

In response to the open letter issued by the New An Lun workers, labour organizations in Taiwan launched a petition and attained support from 31 labour organizations from across the strait until May 14th, including Monitoring On Sweatshop Supply Chain, National Federation of Independent Trade Unions, Raging Citizens Act Now, The Labour Party of Taiwan, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, and Worker Empowerment etc.  The petition demands New An Lun immediate pay off of social insurance, housing fund and overtime compensation in arrears, and stop all intimidation and violence against the workers.

We solemnly protest and demand:

  1. The owner of New An Lun, Wang Zhi Gong, should immediately initiate negotiation with the workers and stop all violence against the workers;
  2. The Shenzhen Longgang Shengping Police to release the two female detainees immediately;
  3. The Taiwan Chamber of Commerce to monitor Taiwanese enterprises' regulatory violations in mainland China.

Launching organizations in Hong Kong: HKCTU, Worker Empowerment


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