Collective Bargaining Rally

Rally for the Collective Bargaining Rights on 1 Dec 2013

In recent years, the corporations have been gaining big profits due to the recovery of economic growth of Hong Kong. However, the survey of HKCTU revealed that the pay rise of workers has been always fall behind the inflation in the past five years. There is no way for workers to share the fruits of economic growth in Hong Kong. HKCTU announced a 7% pay rise demand for 2014 in a press conference the other day and called for all working women and men join the rally for collective bargaining rights on Dec 1, 2013.

Both the Dock workers strike in late March and the Coca cola strike in October demonstrated that workers lack a channel to raise their demands. They have no other option but fight for their justice through industrial action. After all, only when the government legislates the right to bargain collectively, the unequal industrial relation can be reversed.

To achieve our demands, we are organizing the 4th rally for collective bargaining and pay rise in December. We look forward to your active participation and strong mobilization of union members. Below are the details of the rally.

Date: December 1st, 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 2:00

Route: Wan Chai Southern Playground to Governor House

Inquiry: 2770 8668


Pay Rise Justice Dignity

Yiu Chongyiu


Labour Affair Committee of Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions