Global campaign to support Chinese workers’ freedom of association and fight against violence

On the eve of the anniversary of the June Fourth Massacre, the HKCTU launched a series of campaigns calling on the Chinese Government to release detained labour activists and stop brutally repressing workers who are defending their rights.

It launched a global writing campaign with Labour Start and translated a petition into 18 languages. Over 10,000 supporters signed the petition (see below).

During the anniversary of the June Fourth Massacre, the HKCTU collected signatures from Hong Kong citizens for this campaign and distributed 3,000 memorial fans. It also held a memorial service for Li Wangyang (a Chinese labour activist whose suspicious death caused an uproar in Hong Kong in 2012). Some 300 people attended (see picture).

The HKCTU vowed to get justice for the late Li Wangyang and condemned the Chinese Government for restricting the freedom of his family

Collecting signatures from the public in support of Chinese workers