He is ill and I am in tears

Editor: This article was written by Yang Min, wife of He Xiaobo, to talk about He Xiaobo’s health problem. Yang was under house arrest from 22nd February to 16th March 2016, with state security officers stationed at her home to monitor her. Yang has not received any official document about lifting the house arrest until now.

Many have said that romantic love between two persons will turn into affection after some time. But I still believe our love will last forever. Honestly, I cannot possibly express how worried I am now.

I have learned and even got used to hiding my feelings since my time living at my aunt’s and uncle’s home, and so an invisible gap is always there between me and my family. It is only with Xiaobo that I can reveal all my feelings and be free. However now that he is detained and ill, I do not know how to face this. I can only hide again in my own tiny shell.

Xiaobo has not been allowed to see his lawyer since his detention and we have no means to tell him that we are still fine. Luckily he could still tell me about his condition, with the help from other released detainees. Today his friend N, who has been released recently, came and told me that he had been diagnosed with benign liver tumours. This is the first time I heard that he is ill. Although N said his condition was not too bad, my heart is filled with fear. N described him as homesick. The state security officers threatened him to sign an agreement to give up his rights to hire lawyers and said “your wife will be detained if you don’t sign”. What did he do wrong? He was only helping injured workers to get back their legal compensation. But what did it bring him? Successive interrogations, psychological abuse, various threats from the state security and an illness which is not properly treated. Who is this corrupt system and regime protecting?

I urge the Foshan Public Security Bureau to allow He Xiaobo to meet his lawyer and the Nanhai District Detention Centre to release his medical report. I also call for your support, to phone the Nanhai District Detention Centre and ask for the disclosure of his medical condition. Thank you!

Source: Abstracts from Yang Min’s Internet Postings