KCTU strongly supports the general strike called by HKCTU for democracy!

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) strongly supports the general strike for democracy called by the HKCTU and urges the Hong Kong and Chinese government to listen the Hong Kong citizen’s demands and start a political reform.

In 1997, when the British handed back over Hong Kong to China, the Chinese government promised both in the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law of Hong Kong that a democratic system eventually would be implemented in Hong Kong. However the implementation of this promise has been delayed and in August of this year the Chinese government offered a “fake universal suffrage” in which Hong Kong people are able only to choose one from 2~3 candidates who would be nominated by the ‘Nomination Committee’, which is under the influence of the Chinese government.

It is outrageous that Hong Kong police violently suppressed the peaceful protest of students and people, who are demanding a real universal suffrage. People in the protest maintained peace and order. However, the police destroyed the peace by attacking the unarmed protesters with pepper spray, baton and  shield and arresting them. It was very shocking and absurd. What the government of Hong Kong should do is to stand against the undemocratic decision of the Chinese government, not to suppress its people.

Workers in Korea understand very well from our experience that the armed suppression of peaceful protest is in itself destruction of democracy. This kind of violent rule is found in common in undemocratic government including Korea. Without freedom of speech and assembly, there is no democracy. Without democracy, there is no labour rights. Therefore, the general strike for democracy called by HKCTU is expression of civil rights and labour rights.

KCTU is also fighting against the undemocratic government and its business-friendly policy. We express our special solidarity and wish a victory. Governments of Hong Kong and China should withdraw the framework of the ‘fake universal suffrage’ and start the consultation of political reform. Business-leaning policy must stop and fair election system should be guaranteed.

September 29, 2014

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions