Wu Guijun’s Wife Taken away by Police for Two Hours, Questioned about Open Letter Posted on Her Wechat Feed

Zhou Yuzhi

Wu Guijun’s wife – Zhou Yuzhi was taken away by police for questioning on 15 March 2019. Her whereabouts was finally released four days later.

When Zhou was off from work that noon, she saw 6 to 7 men standing next to a private car and a police car waiting at the clocking spot. She had a hunch that these men were looking for her, so she went up and asked and was taken away by them.

Zhou was questioned for over two hours in the police station and was released at around 3:30pm. The police mainly asked about the open letter published on her Wechat feed on 13 March 2019. They asked her if the letter was composed by lawyer, and the details of her educational background to test if it was written by other people. However, every word and sentence in the letter was from the bottom of her heart. She insisted the letter was not written by others.

The police also stated that the lawyer representing her husband Wu Guijun has not visited Wu since Chinese New Year. Zhou objected it and refuted that the lawyer was forbidden by the police for visiting Wu. Zhou herself was also pressurized by the police to dismiss Wu’s authorization to the lawyer. She found it nonsense that the police are saying Wu’s lawyer not doing his job.

Zhou was questioned by the police because of publishing her personal feelings towards the detention of her husband on her Wechat feed. Until now, Wu has been detained for two months and visitation from his lawyer and family is rejected by the authority. His family has no knowledge at all about his case, and knows nothing about his situation in the detention centre. It is natural for Zhou Yuzhi to express her emotions and worries through different channels. Yet, the authority is using this as an excuse to take her away. The police and the national security officers have been harassing Wu’s family for several times, asking them to cancel Wu’s authorization to the lawyer and forbidding their communications with outside. This is another clear example of the authority’s suppression on the detainees and their families.

The suppression of labour activists by the Chinese government extends to the activists’ families. They think it would threaten the family members to stop fighting for their loved ones. However, the action by Zhou Yuzhi tells us the support and love from the activists’ families would not be stopped by the suppression. They will keep fighting until justice arrives.