Women's rights activist and journalist Sophia Huang Xueqin detained

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Ms Huang is an independent journalist and a women's rights activist, famous for bringing the #MeToo movement to the public. On 17 October, she was detained by Guangzhou City police, for "picking quarrels and provoking trouble". Reportedly, Huang participated in Hong Kong's anti-extradition law protest in June. 

Huang is a well-known advocate for women's rights, gender equality, rights of vulnerable groups, ant-corruption and environmental issues. In March 2018, she launched an investigative report "Workplace harassment of Women Journalists in China" at the Foreign Correspondents' Club, Hong Kong. The report exposed that over 80% of the women journalists had been sexually harassed at their workplace. She also helped many victims of sexual assaults to speak up and served as a key figure in China's #MeToo movement. 

Reportedly, Ms Huang joined the anti-extradition law protest in Hong Kong on 9 June, a protest participated by over 1 million people. She later shared her experience,

"if you search for the protest yesterday in Hong Kong online, you won't find any in Wechat or Weibo, as the Chinese authority would have censored and cleaned the news up. The editorial of Global Times has labeled the June 9 protest as a collusion between opposition camp and foreign forces. I would like to release some photos and video-clips again, to clarify that it was a protest with 1.03 million people voluntarily joining it. Some enthusiastic young people stormed into the Legislative Council, but the police brutally cracked them down. Now I find that Wechat and Weiqin are blocking these posts. Maybe under the regime of party-state, people are trained to be ignorant and anxious, news are expected to be censored, reality and truth are twisted. But once you have experienced and witnessed the truth, you can no long pretend to be ignorant, you can't give up recording, you can't sit there and do nothing. In the eternal darkness, you can't give up the only light of truth without a fight."

Source: Facebook page of "Southern Idiots"
Sophia Huang presented her experience in fighting against sexual harassment in a programme co-hosted by China National Radio and Tencent/