The Victory of Hong Kong people is greater than mine: Carol Ng Man Yee’s Concession Speech

At 8 pm, Power for Democracy has just announced the results of the primary election. As I failed to obtain enough ballots to be endorsed in the primary election, I accept the result. I will abide by the agreement of this primary election and will not participate in the Legislative Council election this September. This primary election, I believe, is the last free election for Hong Kong people.

Looking back on the Anti-Extradition movement last year, many comrades sacrificed and bore the costs. They have strengthened Hong Kong people’s will to struggle, which spawned this primary election. Inspired by the protest movement, many citizens and ‘yellow shops’ set up polling stations in many districts and help accomplish this primary election.

My personal defeat in the primary election does not matter. I trust my team and colleagues and thank them for their hard work. We have to continue working on the trade union front.

Throughout the movement, we have supported each other and fought on different fronts, including international lobbying, street protests, legislature and trade unions. My team and I will keep to our posts and provide full support to the nominees endorsed in the primary election in the future political struggles.

I thank again all the volunteers for your sweat and toil. The victory of Hong Kong is greater than my own. Let’s be hopeful and carry on our fight for democracy. Thank you, I love you.

Ng Man Yee

14 July 2020