Ten Demands Not One Less In Solidarity with Chilean Trade Unionists

On 8/11, representatives of the HKCTU responded to the call of international trade unions and staged a protest at the Consulate General of Chile to show solidarity with the people of Chile.  Lee Cheuk Yan, Secretary-General of the HKCTU, commented that Hong Kong people are also at a crucial moment in the struggle for democracy. Therefore, we understand the difficult situation facing the Chilean people and hoping that regardless of localities, justice will prevail.  In the statement released by the HKCTU, Carol Ng, Chairperson of the HKCTU, demanded the Chilean government to respond to the ten demands put forward by local trade unions, initiate social reforms, and stop all forms of military and political repressions.  The representatives of the HKCTU later submitted a letter of protest to the representative of the Chilean Consul General in Hong Kong.