Statement from the Labour Party—A Time for Change

The Voice of the People, The Need for Change

On September 4th, a record-breaking 2.2 million citizens casted their votes to express their discontent with the CY Leung government, and declared their determination to dismantle the current political deadlock.  This is an inescapable obligation for every politician to answer to this call of the times.

The turnout rate of this year’s Legislative Council Election reached 58%, the highest since the Handover in 1997.  The results of the Election reflect a disgruntled public’s frustration with the governance of the CY Leung Government and the current state of the society.  The call for change is loud and clear.

The Labour Party will only be able to retain one seat in the Legislative Council in the next term.  In spite of the disappointment, the Labour Party humbly respect the decisions made by the people.  We have to admit that we lost because we have not done enough, and we will review and reflect on the results as soon as possible.

The Labour Party can clearly hear the call of the times.  We acknowledge that the political future of Hong Kong is the foremost issue put forward by the people of Hong Kong.  Nevertheless, it is also our firm belief to walk with the underprivileged and voice out for justice and we are determined to follow such convictions.

From now on, the Legislative Council will proceed into a new era.  Although we cannot predict the future of political development, we genuinely believe that the people of Hong Kong have already used their collective wisdom in choosing a path for change courageously.  The Labour Party, regardless of our positions and despite of all difficulties, will remain committed to meet with the challenges ahead and walk this path together with the people of Hong Kong.