Stand up against the evil law, stop working in your own way: HKCTU statement on the national security law for Hong Kong

The Chinese Communist regime has torn down the Basic Law and unilaterally imposed the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law on Hong Kong people in the form of Annex III, bypassing the implementation of 23 local laws in disguise and seriously damaging Hong Kong ’s freedom and the rule of law.

Once the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law is implemented, it will inevitably threaten the freedoms and rights that Hong Kong people have always cherished. In the past, all kinds of struggles that required a corrupt and incompetent government to step down, attend the June 4th candlelight rally, and challenge parliamentary evil laws may be regarded as threatening national security.

The rule of the Chinese Communist regime is to bypass local legislation, extend the devil's claw directly to Hong Kong society, and completely destroy Hong Kong's firewall by setting up law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist regime's abandonment of one country, two systems in an attempt to implement comprehensive governance in Hong Kong is tantamount to killing Hong Kong. We must not sit still and die.

The absurd repertoire of the Chinese Communist regime will be staged one after another. On May 27, the establishment system directed and acted in the Legislative Council to pass the national anthem law. On May 28, the National People's Congress will forcibly enact a vicious law for Hong Kong.

If it does not erupt in silence, it will perish in silence. The people of Hong Kong have taken a step back, and it is already an abyss. Only by continuing to persevere can we find life in desperation.

On May 27, we called on wage earners to stop working for a day in their own way, whether it is strike, stoppage or leave, to show our extreme anger!

In the face of this attack on Hong Kong people, Hong Kong people can't retreat!”

Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions May 25, 2020