Reply letter from Hong Kong government to the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)

Regarding the arrest of Lee Cheuk Yan, the General Secretary of HKCTU, for his participation in the series of pro-democratic protest movements since last fall, the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) issued a solidarity statement in June.

Last week they received a funny letter of response from the HK Gov’t with loads of cliché. There is no helpful clarification but only a repeated official discourse on the ill-founded national security law and a dissociation of Lee’s ongoing trial from the context of the enactment of this law.

While we understand the function of bureaucracy to spin and facilitate government’s agenda, it is pathetic that the letter fails to convince the public of the protection of freedoms and One Country, Two Systems in Hong Kong under the national security law, given the situation of a de facto police state, discriminatory treatments towards different political backgrounds at prosecution and judiciary, as well as a gradual introduction of communist discipline over professions such as education, civil service and medical care.

LO and HKCTU shall maintain our persistence on fighting for our civic and labour rights regardless of any threat and oppression.