Release the Jasic Technology workers Solidarity with the Jasic Technology workers

A Joint Statement from the Civil Society in Hong Kong

We Want a Real Union - Release the Jasic Technology workers
Solidarity with the Jasic Technology workers to form a genuine trade union

A group of workers from the Shenzhen Jasic Technology Co., Ltd. has been harassed, beaten, and arrested by management, police officers, and security guards for wanting to form a trade union. Since July 27th, the Shenzhen Government has deployed mass quantities of police officers, arrested over thirty people, including Jasic workers, students, and other factory workers.

Afterwards, the government detained them on the grounds of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” (尋釁滋事罪) and they have yet to be released. Many members of the Solidarity Group have also been subpoenaed by the police. It happened when Jasic workers experienced illegal practices at the company, they went to local union, the Pingshan District Federation of Trade Unions to complain. Huang Jianxun, the vice-chair of the Pingshan District union, suggested that they prepare to organize a trade union.

The Jasic workers since then applied to the *urban-district union* to form a union according to the union law. Their application was approved and they began to recruit members in the factory. Unexpectedly, the enterprise set up a yellow union in early June, *monopolized by the management of the company*.   By July 12, when Jasic workers’ leader Mi Jiuping had already garnered the support from nearly 90 workers to form a union, he was blamed for organizing an illegal union by the Pingshan District Federation of Trade Unions’ vice-chair along with management.

Moreover, workers’ representatives including Liu Penghua and Mi Jiuping have been either transferred or expelled. When they tried to return to the factory for work, they were even beaten by security guards sent by management and later on by police officers.

Workers rushed to the Yanziling Police Station to protest the beatings and abuse against them. The videos of the protestors were shared online and received widespread support from many people before being deleted. On July 20th, police officers arrested protesting workers until the 21st out of no reason.

Since then, workers and supporters have been constantly protesting the unreasonable abuse from police officers and the company, requesting the police to investigate the plain clothes police and security guards that attacked workers, and also seeking reinstatements from the employers and officially being recognized the right to organize a union. Jasic workers continued their fight fearless of the suppression from officials, management, police officers, and the Pingshan Federation of Trade Unions. News of their protests spread throughout online platforms in mainland China.

“We have already been suppressed for more than 20 years, and it can not go on any longer!” The workers stated in a speech. From July 27th to July 30th, the police arrested workers and supporters who continued to defend their rights. More than 30 people were criminally detained. As of July 30th, fifteen more supporters were subpoenaed by the police and could not be contacted.  

The All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU)  has claimed to promote trade union reform since 2015, and the Pingshan Federation of Trade Unions is said to be one of the pilots for Trade Union reform.

However, Jasic workers who have applied for forming a union according to law were subsequently beaten, dismissed and arrested. This incident indicated the failure of this reform.

The chairman of Jasic is also Shenzhen People’s Congressman Pan Lei, this disclosed a fact that officials, management, and the ACFTU are colluding to exterminate the voices of workers.

We hereby reiterate:

  1. Rights defenders are innocent:  the police should immediately release the workers and supporters involved, promise not to sue them, and offer them an apology;
  2. Immediate reinstatement: Jasic employers dismissed workers’ representatives who sought to form a union, such dismissal is illegal. They should reinstate workers and recognize the union they are forming;
  3. Form a genuine union: Jasic workers are entitled to from union according to law. The Pingshan Federation of Trade Unions should stop standing by the management-led yellow union, also should investigate  Union’s vice-chair Huang Jianxun and Company’s department Chief Xie Zhihai for their activities betraying workers.

Joint Organizations 聯署團體:

  1. 香港職工會聯盟 Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
  2. 勞動力 Worker Empowerment
  3. 中國勞動透視 Labour Action China
  4. 大學師生監察無良企業行動 Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehaviour
  5. 勞工教育及服務網絡 Labor education and service network
  6. 全球化監察 Globalization Monitor
  7. 中國勞工通訊 China Labour Bulletin
  8. 社會民主連線 League of Social Democrats
  9. 香港專上學生聯會社會運動資源中心(自治八樓)autonomous 8a
  10. 影行者 V-artivist
  11. 香港天主教正義和平委員會 Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese
  12. 香港基督徒學生運動 Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong
  13. 民主黨 Democratic Party
  14. 工黨 Labour Party
  15. 香港市民支援愛國民主運動聯合會 The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China
  16. 街工勞工組 Worker division of Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre
  17. 黃潤達議員辦事處 District Councilor Office of Wong Yun-Tat
  18. 梁錦威議員辦事處 District Councilor Office of Leung Kam Wai
  19. 亞洲跨國企業監察網絡 Asian transnational corporations (ATNC) monitoring network