Press Release on Labour Day Declaration on Ending Violence against Labour Activists & Protest Action

Global support for labour activists in China:
HKCTU protested at Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, to submit a global Labour Day petition against violence

Violence against labour organizations and workers who fight for their rights has been intensifying in China. Thus, the HKCTU launched a global petition, to condemn violence (please see the Statement below). A total of 2,241 signatures, from143 local and international unions / labour NGOs (including IUF and PSI) and 2,098 individuals have been collected between 23 April and 4 May. ( Please see the appendix of a list of signatories).

Condemning violence against labour activists
Nearly 30 representatives from trade unions and Hong Kong labour organizations, together with the HKCTU staged a protest at the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR (hereafter: Liaison Office), on 5 May 2015. They described and condemned the suppression of labour organizations and violent assaults against their staff members. The representatives presented a jointed petition, calling the Chinese Government to immediately stop violence against labour organizations in China. They also shouted slogans, such as “protect workers’ rights, zero tolerance for violence suppression!”, “workers have rights to defend themselves, fight against suppression!” on their way to the Liaison Office. The Chief Executive of HKCTU Mung Siu Tat stated that no matter how harsh the suppression from the Chinese Government would be, the HKCTU would continue to work with other local and international labour organizations, to support Chinese labour organizations. He urged the Chinese Government to immediately halt its violence and pledged that the HKCTU would organize further actions to tackle this issue. The representatives attempted to pass their petition to the Liaison Office but as usual, the Liaison Office refused to take in any petition. The protesters dispersed peacefully after they had posted the petition at the gate of the Liaison Office.