Post-Umbrella Movement: News updates 9 Jan 2015

9 January 2015
Since 5 January 2015, the police started taking revenge on organizers of the Umbrella Movement, known as “settling accounts after Autumn” in Chinese. Organized Crime and Triad Bureau of the Hong Kong Police has contacted organizers, appointing time slots for protest organizers to assist investigation and explicitly stating that they would be arrested at the police stations. Reportedly, the police has already targeted at 30 organizers. Commissioner of Police, Andy Tsang had announced earlier that the police would arrest the key organizers of the Umbrella Movement within three months.  The HKCTU’s general secretary Lee Cheuk-yan and executive director Mung Siu-tat, student leaders, core pan-democratic members and three founders of Occupy Central with Peace and Love are in the list. Several other members of the HKCTU were arrested in the clearance in Admiralty, have decided to refuse renewing their bail at around this time.

The HKCTU strongly condemns the Hong Kong Police’s action, as it is

  1. creating White Terror by criminalizing participants of the Umbrella Movement;
  2. suppressing independent labour movement by deliberately prosecuting key organizers; and
  3. accusing the participants of joining unlawful assembly involving violence, to stigmatize their peaceful assembly.