Over 200 Swire Beverages employees go on strike in response to HKCTU’s appeal

Over 200 Swire Beverages Employees Go on Strike in Response to HKCTU’s Appeal

Swire Beverages Employees General Union strongly condemns the police for using violence to suppress the protesters and throwing tear gas bombs to unarmed civilians yesterday (September 28). The Union considers the freedom of assembly and the freedom of speech basic civil rights which are not to be deprived of or oppressed.
To uphold democracy and justice, the Union called for urgent council meeting this morning and has decided to go on strike to urge the Government to respond to people’s demand for democracy. We cannot leave the students alone to fight against police violence and the suppression from the hegemonic authority. 200 Swire Beverages employees from the delivery section, factory and GT department are joining the strike.

We demand that:
1. The police to release the arrested protesters as soon as possible and ensure that the basic human rights of the arrestees are protected during custody.
2. The Government and the police to stop the violent suppression of the peaceful assembly and make apology immediately.
3. The National People’s Congress to retreat the fake universal suffrage proposal and the Hong Kong Government to re-launch the consultation of the political reform. The workers have been demanding for a fair election system without screening to amend the government policies that are seriously partial to the commercial sector. Yet, the fake universal suffrage proposal by the NPC is only old concept put in a new framework.
4. C.Y. Leung to shoulder the responsibility of the violent suppression and step down immediately.

Swire Beverages (Hong Kong) Employees General Union
29 September 2014