More Students Gone Missing in the Endless Suppression on JASIC Supporters

According to recent reports, another 7 university students or graduates were taken away, allegedly due to their involvement in the JASIC workers struggle.

On 21 January, 2019 Peking University students Li Ziyi, Ma Shize, Zhang Ziwei, graduate Li Jiahao and Renmin University of China student Yian Zihao, were taken away by the police, while Peking Univesity student Sun Jiayian and graduate Huan Yu were also taken away by unknown assailants on the same day. Their whereabouts remain unknown. Their respective arrest is believed to be related to the various articles posted on the internet, which reveal a number of leftist students were forced to watch the “confession videos” given by the detained members of the JASIC Workers Support Group.  The articles alleged such confessions were forced by the government.

One of the disappeared students, Zhang Ziwei sent out recurrent messages on social media right before his disappearance to proclaim that he was being hunted down by government officials. He also sent out a video to his friends to reiterate that he was undeterred by the suppression.

The 4 students from Peking University were also members of the Marxist Society. They were warned by the school management and police to stay at home during the Lunar New Year holidays and report their whereabouts to the officials regularly prior to their subsequent disappearance. Li Jiahao was one of the JASIC supporters who were temporarily detained during the police raid on 24th August 2018. Huang Yu participated in the memorial of Mao Zedong in Shaoshan at 9th September 2018.

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