Mass strike against tyranny Call for workers strike on 2/9 & 3/9

In the past three months, millions of Hong Kong people have turned up on the streets to make their voices heard. With rallies and protests blossoming everywhere, the five major demands are resounding throughout the city. However, no positive response has been received from the government. On the contrary, the violence is increasingly escalating and white terror is beginning to shroud Hong Kong. As Hong Kong people, it leaves us with no choice but to save our city by going on strike.


The intolerable police brutality

Despite large number of people are taking to the streets every week, they are met with brutality by the police and violent suppression by the government. In ignoring the potential hazardous, the police has already fired more than 2,000 tear gas canisters so far, many of which were shot in residential buildings and communities. The triads have beaten protestors and the general public indiscriminately, but the police deliberately condoned such violence and did not arrest the perpetrators at the scene. On the other hand, the police continues to fire rubber bullets at the crowd from close range, causing permanent and serious injuries; the demonstrators are constantly subjected to police abuse and sexual violence during arrests or detentions. The state is now ruling the city by terror, as it has lost all its credibility in governance.


We must save Hong Kong from institutional collapse

In order to suppress the resistance of the people, those who are in power have taken extreme measures that leads to a gradual institutional collapse. Government and police officials continue to cover up facts with lies, and the accountability of the cabinet is vanishing. On the other hand, citizens’ rights to freedom of assembly and procession has been greatly deprived. Nowadays, even the right to peaceful demonstrations has been repressed; Hong Kong people’s civil rights and liberty is under seriously threat. Furthermore, employees are now being politically persecuted by participating in political activities or expressing their views on Facebook during their non-work time, our rights to freedom of expression are being violently trampled. The core values ​​and systems that Hong Kong held in the past are now gradually falling apart, and the battle to save Hong Kong has reached a critical juncture.

Saving our home is a responsibility for all

Hong Kong is our beloved home; our jobs, livelihoods, family, and friends that we cherish are all here. We cannot let those who are in power continue to ravage the home that we always hold dear; we must not fallback when tens of thousands of young people are being beaten and prosecuted while taking to the streets to save Hong Kong's future. So regardless of class, profession, and position, as a Hong Konger, we are all responsible to save Hong Kong.


Strike escalation to oppose tyranny

Hong Kong has reached a critical juncture and we have no choice but to escalate the workers strike as this is our last resort. After the strike on 5 August, the HKCTU will once again respond to the call for a strike and appeal to all employees from all walks of life to go on strike for two days on September 2 and 3. We must warn those who are in power: when the core values and systems of Hong Kong crumble, the economic order will go down with it, we are determined to lay down our work, and stand in line with all the protestors on the streets who are fighting for our common future!


Strike assembly on 2 & 3 September

Time: 2:30 pm

Venue: Tamar Park, Admiralty


For the latest information, please pay attention to the following HKCTU information channel:


Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions

30/8/2019 guaranteed