International Conference on “The Impact of Precarious Employment and Responses from the East Asian Experience”--Documents 就業零散化的影響及回應:東亞的經驗與回應研討會--會議文件

Adminstrative Information 一般資料:
Speaker Presentations 講者簡報︰
1.Keynote Speech: Precarious Employment in a Global Context/主題演講:全球背景下就業零散化
2. Focus: Labour Informalization and Precarious Employment in East Asia/焦點討論︰東亞地區的就業非正規化
3. Focus: Precarious Employment and Labour Policies/焦點討論︰就業零散化和勞動政策
4. Keynote Speech: Precarious Employment in China/主題演講:中國的就業零散化
5. Focus: Strategies and Responses from International Organizations/焦點討論︰跨國組織策略與回應
6. Focus: Strategies and Responses from Trade Unions and Workers/焦點討論︰各國工會策略與回應