Hundred workers strike at listed company, Prosperous Printing Co., Ltd.   Poor working conditions revealed


On 25th June, 2019, over 100 workers in the Shenzhen factory of Hong Kong listed company, Prosperous Printing Co., Ltd. (08385) went on strike. It is suspected that the strike action is a protest against the poor working environment and exploitation of the factory.


On 25th June, Prosperous Printing Co., Ltd. made a public statement on their website annoucing that around a hundred workers went on strike in the Shenzhen factory Zhongwan Printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. that day. The reason was not provided. The statement indicates that the company would meet with the striking workers to investigate the incident. It was also mentioned that the incident did not cause damage to the production equipment of the factory. It was stated that the incident had limited impact on the corporate group’s finances, while reasonable measures would be taken to miminize its impact on production.


However, there are some posts on mainland websites that a group of workers are increasingly dissatisfied with the harsh labour conditions at Zhongwan Printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. According to the article, the discontent of the workers originates from the poor food and accommodation conditions, coupled with long, lowly paid working hours and severe overtime. Besides, the writer of the article uncovered some highly negative reviews on Zhongwan. It was said that the former workers agreed that the working condition was unacceptable. Temporary workers had to undertake the hardest tasks, which was clearly an exploitation by the management and the senior staff. Zhongwan was known to be the factory with the worst reputation in the region. Plenty of netizens expressed that they quit their jobs after a few days, implying that the recent strike may possibly be related to the poor working conditions and exploitation of the factory.


In addition to the labour dispute at Prosperous, on 24th June, a notice was displayed outside Dongguan Qingxi Xingye Printing Products Factory, another Hong Kong-owned printing factory in Qingxi, Dongguan, announcing its closure due to the declining order and rising operating costs as an impact of the Sino-US trade war. As the trade war does not show signs of alleviation, it is expected more factories may face operational issues which will continue to lead to strikes and even closures.