Hong Kong Dockers: Strike to support students, fight for universal suffrage, fight against tyranny

Strike to Support Students
Strike to Fight for Universal Suffrage
Strike to Fight Against Tyranny

Everyone, we believe that you have witnessed how the tyrannical authority treated our students and citizens from television or in person on Hong Kong Island. The C.Y. Leung Administration and the police applied tear gas bombs, batons and shields to deal with unarmed citizens who fought for a real universal suffrage and held peaceful assembly.
Among the students and citizens are many comrades that have fought with the dock workers during the 40-day dock workers’ strike. Although being confronted with such violence, they are still determined to stay. We council members of the Union of Hong Kong Dockers urge all the dock workers to go on strike! Strike to Support Students! Strike to Fight for Universal Suffrage! Strike to Fight Against Tyranny!
Besides, we hope you know that the police at the scenes are adopting unreasonable manners. Do protect yourself properly. Bring along equipment like plastic wrap, googles, masks etc. with you. Follow official instructions.
Fight for universal suffrage in a peaceful manner. Fight against tyranny!
HKCTU will hold an assembly in support of the movement starting from 3 pm today outside Admiralty Centre.
CY Leung, step down!
The political reform trio led by Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, step down!
Andy Tsang Wai Hung, step down!
Fight for real universal suffrage! Fight against tyranny! Fight for our next generation!