HKCTU June Fourth Statement

Our strength comes from solidarity, and our success comes from convictions
Defending the memory of the June 4th and countering autocracy


Thirty years ago, Hong Kong people witnessed the People’s Liberation Army tore down of the Statue of Democracy in Tiananmen Square through live television broadcast. In protecting this symbol of democracy and freedom, countless workers and students sacrificed their blood and lives. This memory is deeply imprinted in the hearts of every Hong Kong people.
It is a pity that thirty years later, some people refuse to admit or even chose to forget such memory. But the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions will not forget: we have not forgotten the passion of workers and students for the pursuit of justice and democracy; we have not forgotten the courage and heroism of workers and students. During the 1989 democratic movement, workers from various cities formed their own workers’ autonomous federation to break free from the shackles of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. For the first time since the founding of the People’s Republic, the workers in China were able to exercise the right to freedom of association. However, the brutal crackdown led by the Chinese Communist Party has put an end to this short-lived freedom.
Since Xi Jinping came to power, his hardliner rule has already put many labour activists under severe political torment. Core members of workers’ autonomous federations from across the country such as Li Wangyang, Liu Shaoming, Bai Dongping, Zhou Yongjun and other workers are still being suppressed by the Chinese Communist regime until today. Regardless of 1989 or 2019, workers in China still have to bear enormous political risks when forming independent trade unions. In 2010, the Jasic workers in Shenzhen were suppressed and arrested by the authorities for organizing their own trade unions. More than 50 workers and students have been criminally detained so far. Ironically, while Xi Jinping’s promotion of “Community of Shared Future for Mankind " was written into the Constitution, the painful experience of the Jasic workers proves that the so-called "Community of Shared Future for Mankind", is merely a community of colluded bureaucrats and capitalists interests.
In Hong Kong, the SAR government under Carrie Lam and her ironfisted suppression on dissidents is merely an extension of Xi’s hardliner rule. From the political prosecution of the organizers of Umbrella Movement, to the "planning” of the Greater Bay Area, the co-location arrangements of the high speed rail and revision of the extradition law, the SAR Government has largely disregarded public opinions and ignored the principles of "one country, two systems and high degree of autonomy". In fact, the SAR Government is forcefully implementing the orders of the Beijing Government in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is approaching the dark age of "one country, one system".
On 21 May 1989, the Beijing Workers’ Autonomous Federation proclaimed in the Workers’ Declaration:
"... Destroying autocracy and dictatorship, and the pursuit of democracy is the incumbent responsibility of workers… Our strength comes from solidarity, and our success comes from convictions."
Therefore, the HKCTU is convinced that the defense of the June 4th memory, is not only to shouldering the moral responsibility of our conscience, it is also a historic responsibility to resisting autocracy. While the workers and civil rights of the two places are constantly being undermined by the Chinese Communist regime, we have chosen to firmly fulfill our responsibility to pursuit democracy with a firm conviction, and continue to unite the workers of the two places in order to destroy the Chinese Communist Party’s autocracy and dictatorship