Former online media editor arrested for “Inciting subversion of state power”

Advocating for leftist ideals is now another term for subverting state power— the absurdity of state control is now at a new height in China. Chai Xiaoming, former editor of “Red Reference” (紅色參考), an online media in China, was arrested by the authorities on 21st March, charged with “subversion of state power”.

After losing contact with Chai, friends and family of Chai received a “residential Surveillance at a Designated Location"notice form the authorities on 24th March, according to Red Reference. Chai, now 47, studied at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology for undergraduate studies, and had later attained a master degree in UK. Chai had formerly worked at Solidaritet Underifren, an NGO based in Sweden. Upon returning to China in 2014, he taught at Peking University and had assumed the position of editor at Red Reference. In 2018, Chai switched careers and worked at a cultural media company.

Its office based in Beijing, Red Reference is an leftist online media. It was swept by the authorities during the 2018 crackdown occurred in between July and August, Shang Kai, another editor of Red Reference, was arrested during the crackdown. Shang was also under Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location issued by the authorities. Sources suggested the PRC government suspect involvement of Red Reference in reporting the Jasic incident, as well as mobilising crowds to rally support in at Pingshan Distrcit, where factories of Jasic were based in.