Five Demands, No One Less Carrie Lam: Can you hear the people’s call

Yesterday (4/9/2019), Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, has announced the withdrawal of the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Extradition Bill). However, after refusing to withdraw the bill for months, Hong Kong people have already paid a hefty price in the movement to scrap the bill. So, to dream that such a belated withdrawal would quell all social unrest is far-fetched.


In the past three months, the police continues to abuse its power to mass-arrest, assault, and sexually harass protestors; deploy lethal weapons to harm the public; and even condone violence perpetrated by triads. Nevertheless, the Chief Executive refuses to conduct an independent investigation, which is equivalent to condoning the police and indulging them to continue to do evil.


Furthermore, the Government repeatedly labels demonstrations as "riots" and carries out political prosecutions to terrorize protestors, including many young people and students. As white terror continues to shroud Hong Kong, is the withdrawal a genuine gesture of goodwill?


Since the handover of sovereignty, the government has repeatedly commit blunders in its policy making. It is obvious that the institutional root of the problem is the undemocratic political system. The 8.31 framework handed down by the National People’s Congress deprives Hong Kong people's right to universal suffrage. As the Chief Executive is now refusing to bring order out of chaos by correcting the political flaws, it is difficult for Hong Kong to get out of the current political predicament.


The HKCTU reiterates that the five major demands put forward by the public, namely (a) the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, (b) to establish an independent investigation commission to investigate police brutality, (c) to release all arrested protestors, (d) to revoke the characterization of “rioting” of the 12 June demonstration, and (e) to implement universal suffrage, are indispensable and this has become the consensus of Hong Kong people. In the past few months, Hong Kong people continues to display immense solidarity in sustaining and escalating the movement and went on strike on more than one occasions, so as to express our firm belief in "five demands, not one less". Thus, if the Chief Executive continues to ignore our demands, our struggle will not stop.


Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions