A Fight For Our Next Generation

These are times of deception and injustice.

In a supposedly democratic election, Lau Siu-lai was deprived of her right to be elected.

Our freedoms of speech, the press and association have been violently undermined by the Chinese Communist Party, with red lines drawn everywhere, arbitrarily.  

Even professional integrity has gradually been eroded; instead, we hear “if I say OK, it’s OK” and ever-shifting standards for sinking MTR projects.  

Under the Lion Rock, we no longer hear stories of upward mobility; instead, tens of thousands of families are crammed in subdivided units, while the rich cavort in vast golf  courses. And now the government wants to empty its treasury to build an artificial island for property developers. 

Lies and pitfalls abound in the Hong Kong of today. What will the city of our next generation look like? 

People ask me: “Why are you running again?” 

We all have to step up when we hear the drumroll of desperation and injustice. 
In the eighties, I entered the labor movement in the face of widespread exploitation. 

After the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, I joined the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China.

In 1995, I joined the Legislative Council to fight for labor rights and democracy 

In 1997, I was forced to step down after the handover; in 1998, I was elected again, with hopes of combating Chinese Communist intervention and fighting for our livelihoods. 

But over the last two years, the Communist Party of China's authoritarian inventions have only intensified. How can I stand on the sidelines? 

In one struggle after another, I have won, and I have lost. But each time, I fought my hardest. These struggles aren’t just the business of politicians or any one social class; they bring people together, for the greater good of Hong Kong’s future. 

We used to believe Hong Kong people were in charge of their own destinies. Each generation after another looked forward to a more open Hong Kong. Yet today’s government is increasingly ruthless, tyrannical and blind to the needs of society. It’s become increasingly hard to maintain a livelihood and for the young, to see a future. True universal suffrage has grown increasingly distant, with electoral candidates facing political screening, something once unimaginable for this city. Everything in the past two years has been a steady drumroll calling each one of us to step into the battlefield. 

This by- election offers a choice between two futures for Hong Kong: 
The pro-establishment camp represents the collusion of government and business interests, one that welcomes Chinese Communist intervention, violates our freedoms and opposes democracy. It also wants to pour a trillion Hong Kong dollars of taxpayers’ money, emptying our treasury, into an artificial island for Red Capitalist. 

On the other hand, the pan-democrats and I stand for Hong Kong’s position as a global city anchored by the rule of law and freedoms, that spends taxpayers’ pmoney judiciously to improve livelihoods. 

Hong Kong people may feel helpless, but if we look closely, there are still glimmers of hope. For 12 years, I fought with grassroots workers for a minimum wage. I stood with dockworkers and bar benders, and fought alongside airline staffs against former Chief Executive C.Y. Leung’s incident of abuses of power. I know the tall walls of establishment can seem insurmountable to one, but together, we can achieve the impossible. As someone who has once seen a Hong Kong filled with hope, I feel the responsibility to step up and re-discover that hope for our next generation. 

Thus I accepted the mission in times of crisis and am taking Dr. Lau Siu-lai’s place in running for the by-election in Kowloon West. With your help and votes, we will win back the seat that belong to the people of Hong Kong. With a determined and strategic mind, we can resist the Communist erosion of Hong Kong values and safeguard the future of our next generation. 


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