Fermi Wong: Lee Cheuk-yan firmly and passionately committed to workers’ rights, regardless of their ethnicity

I am Fermi Wong. I recommend Lee Cheuk-yan to you, dear constituents of Kowloon West, to be your Legislative Councillor, such as to entitle him to continue to serve our beloved Hong Kong in the LegCo, as a champion for the working class in Hong Kong.


I have known Lee Cheuk-yan for many years, and been immensely impressed by his firm and passionate commitment to workers’ rights, regardless of their ethnicity. I, as with many Hong Kong residents of an ethnic minority background, am very grateful to Lee Cheuk-yan for his unfailing support for better futures of young people from ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, at times inviting these young people to the LegCo to explain their plight personally to other LegCo members, as well as those in power.


Particularly memorable and important was his advocacy for equality for ethnic minorities working in the Correctional Services Department. Owing to the discriminatory hiring and promotion policies followed by the Government, no one from the ethnic minorities had since 1997 been employed as an officer of the Correctional Services Department, nor had any already in employment been given access to opportunities for promotion. It was only because of Lee Cheuk-yan’s tireless championship of equality, that the Department was left with no choice but to amend its discriminatory policies, and treat all in Hong Kong – whatever their ethnicity but as long as they wish to serve the public – on an equal basis.


Imagine, if you have been exploited by unscrupulous employers or the large corporations, who can you turn to for help? The pro-Beijing camp? The government? The only ones who can be trusted are, of course, those with a long-established proven track record, such as the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, the Labour Party, and Lee Cheuk-yan himself.


So many issues important to us workers, including the introduction of standard working hours, reinstatement of collective bargaining and abolishment of the MPF ‘hedging’ mechanism, have yet to be resolved and are overdue. We therefore need someone who has both the capability and experience to be our voice in politics. Lee Cheuk-yan, Number 3, is our best choice.


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