Detained Members of Support Group of Jasic Workers Seemed to “Pledge Guilty” in Videos

In recent days, there have been rumors that the Chinese Government were forcing the student activists from various universities' Marxist Societies to watch a “confession” video of detained members of Support Group of Jasic Workers. In the evening of 29 January, members of the Support Group released the audio clip and transcript of the above-mentioned video.


According to the transcripts, Gu Jiayue, Zheng Yongming, Shen Mengyu and Yue Xin were filmed to confess in front of the camera. They stated that they had taken collective actions to force the government and the employer to agree or give in to workers' demands, which led to a severely negative impact on the state security. They “admitted” that they were ignorant about China, putting “incorrect” information online and misled unformed public to go to protests, without knowing all the “facts” themselves. They also “acknowledged” that their actions helped “foreign forces with their own agenda” to defame China, which violated their original intention to help workers safeguard their rights.


In the video, the detained members of the Support Group said that after some “reflections”, they realized that after the 18th National Congress, the Chinese Government and the Chinese Communist Party had developed significantly and paid enormous effort to fight injustice. Meanwhile they have learned about the achievement of Opening of China comprehensively, become determined to study the party development and political theories better and would stand with the party in future.

First of all, the genuineness of such “confessions” remains questionable. Secondly, it is worrying that in the video, workers' collective action is repeatedly emphasized as a threat to state security and is considered to be illegal. According to International Labour Conventions, freedom of association, right to strike and right to collective bargaining are fundamental labor rights, while collective actions are the embodiment of workers' rights to organize and strike. The position of such a video brutally violates the International Labour Conventions.


In fact, what the Chinese Government must handle, is neither the students who are supporting workers to organize, nor the workers who are fighting for their rights. Capitalists' endless oppression and exploitation, together with the Chinese government’s suppression of workers’ freedom of association and right to assembly are the problems. In other words, if the government cannot offer reasonable protection to workers when conflicts occur, if its political structure cannot reflect the people's wishes, there would always be resistance.