Concession statement of Li Cheuk-yan for the LegCo by-election on 25 Nov, 2018


I want to show my deepest gratitude to the 93,047 voters for their support, those who made it to the polling station and voted for me. I also want to show my deepest apology to supporters of the Pan-democratic camp, for not able to lead you any further beyond this election. With every vote, we received your hope and perseverance, and will continue the fight for Hong Kong. I also want to thank those who did not vote for me, for I have learnt to listen to your voices, and gained your support one day.


This has been the far most challenging election in my political life, and a campaign that I have never been so proud of. Only after Lau Siu-lai’s disqualification as a candidate did I decide to stand for the election for the whole Pan-democratic camp. This is what we are facing: unjust regime and its political screening, unlimited resources from our rival, and their defamation. Against these challenges there is nothing we could do but focusing on our own campaign – day and night campaigning on the streets, direct dialogue at markets, restaurants, residences of voters, putting on posters everywhere, etc. by our volunteers, legislators from other pan-democratic parties and community organisations, endless work to do within the community, and endless battles on the Internet. Yet they promised, and they kept their promises, to keep fighting until the end of the election, even though winning seemed impossible. I am so proud to say, it has been my honour to work in such a team.


Collaboration among the youngsters, middle-aged and the elderlies came to my surprise. Joshua Wong said he had never thought of making emergency appeals for a sixty-year-old. Neither have I imagined having so many different generations in a team, from twenty-year-old to eighty-year-old, to come together to defend democracy. For them, again, I am so thankful. However, we do have shortcomings and have made mistakes in the campaign, we are aware of them. For those who questioned us, also deserve our self-reflection. This election marks the beginning of our unity. I trust I could serve as a bridge linking different parties, to inspect and overcome our shortcomings, to sincerely relight the hopes for those who had lost hope in Hong Kong.

Helplessness is, as I always emphasise, the greatest obstacle in elections. We hoped to attain more votes from our voters, but we failed to do so. This indicates that my team, myself and the whole Pan-democracy camp are obliged to listen to the voices of the voters, review and adjust ourselves, and to bring the betterment into action. It is our responsibility to reflect on our failure. Any blaming of others would mean we fail to learn from our mistakes. We need to be modest in order to accept different voices and to regain trust from our voters. More importantly we need to bring the reviewed strategy into action for the upcoming elections in 2019 and 2020.


The battle between the democrats and the pro-establishment camp has not come to an end. Our top priority at the moment is to strengthen the cooperation between the civil societies and the democrats in the legislature to withstand the suppression from Central, Sai-wan and Beijing. We are against white elephant projects, the legislation of national security law, we urge the government to return the wealth to the people, to improve its livelihood policies, and finally allow Hong Kongers universal suffrage which is stipulated by the Basic Law. We will not give up, and we urge all citizens who still care for Hong Kong to unite, for the government is obliged to be monitored by civil societies.


Finally, I would like to remind all of you, that one more seat of the disqualified legislators, from Long Hair Leung Kwok-hung, is still in judicial procedure. I urge you to never forget Demosisto and Democracy Groundwork. Although these organisations have no seat in the LegCo, they will continue to serve the people in the civil societies, to fight and to advocate for a better future for our children and their children. Without the resources from the LegCo, they will need your generous support to continue their work. Neither should we forget the ones who are serving their terms, or being tried in court. Such political prosecutions are the prices they are paying, not for themselves, but for the ideals of everyone who believe in democracy. Let their undaunted courage be with us. We shall give them our full support despite our differences on the political spectrum.


I believe that life can inspire life. Any efforts paid in the past would have their influence in their next generations. This is what we hope for Hong Kong. Never give in, never give up, and Hong Kong will win in the end.


In your mind it stays, shall it resound one day. Stay alive, put on a light, for one day the people should fight.