Carol Ng: Lee Cheuk Yan, one of the most reliable comrades in labour struggle.

Since the early days of the HKCTU, Lee Cheuk Yan has always been at the forefront in fighting for the rights alongside our fellow flight attendances through thick and thin.  May it be the Cathay Pacific flight attendants strike in 1993, or our successful but grueling litigations against the British Airways on trade union discrimination and retirement age, Lee has always been our strongest ally and most steadfast supporter.

Through the collective efforts of our members, Lee and our fellow flight attendants have come across numerous crisis and successful struggles.  For instance, the industrial action launched by FAU in 2013 had successfully forced Cathay Pacific to rescind its original proposal to slash out-port allowance and unequal remuneration for equal work.  And most recently, our legal challenge brought much-needed justice and aviation safety to the CY Leung airport baggage saga.  These actions ascertained that in solidarity, workers can still successfully stand up for their rights, regardless of the mounting adversities posted by the worsening political circumstances.

On November 25, the voice of the workers will put to another test as Lee Cheuk Yan will take on the establishment again in the Legislative Council Kowloon West By-election.  Through our past experiences, we are convinced that, in solidarity, we can still fight for our next generation and win our future back, regardless of all the adversities.  Thus, I would like to urge all sisters and brothers of the HKCTU and workers of Hong Kong to rally behind Lee.  And together, we will strive to bring the voice of the workers back to the Legislative Council.

Carol Ng
Chairperson, HKCTU


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