Appeal for Global Solidarity to Support the Criminally Detained Workers and Labour Activists from the Jasic Workers Struggle

We appeal for your solidarity support to the Chinese workers, labour rights activists and their supporters facing suppression by the Chinese Government.
In the summer of 2018, workers from Jasic Technology, a welding equipment manufacturing factory in Southern China, were dismissed by the company for organizing their own trade union and were later criminally detained by government officials on charges of "Gathering a Crowd to Disturb Social Order".  As of today, more than 40 people are still under criminal detention, including worker representatives, student supporters, community centre, and labour NGO staff, whereas most of the detainees are denied access to lawyers and contact with their families.  Such arbitrary detentions are blatant violations of labour rights as the detainees were merely exercising their fundamental freedoms of association and expression by forming their own trade union.
HKCTU and labour NGOs in Hong Kong are now campaigning for the release of all Chinese labour activists. We seek your solidarity support to the following actions:
1.    Sign the Labourstart online campaign: ; 
2.    Send a letter to Chinese Government at [email protected] to demand the release of all criminally detained workers and their supporters. (Download Link: Click Here);
3.    Join our global action week from 25 March to 31 March, 2019: stage a protest action at the Chinese Embassy in your country to call for the release of all criminally detained workers, labour rights activists, and their supporters and send us back the pictures and, or to take solidarity pictures in public areas.
Your support is important for this campaign. We will continue our struggle until all labour activists are released
Please visit our website: for details regarding news on labour movement in China, and send solidarity actions information to [email protected] .