Anti-extradition protesters occupied West Kowloon Station, burning PRC’s back column. Heated debates on web-forum LIHKG 

Protesters hold slogan: Today's Wuhan is tomorrow's Hong Kong
This article was wrote at July right after the Kowloon rally on 7 July. 

As Anti-extradition protests escalated, local netizens organised a demonstration in Kowloon on July 7, reiterating the five demands. The demonstration route ends at West Kowloon Station. The organiser claimed the aim was to “export revolution” and promote Hong Kong’s anti-extradition movement to the mainland tourists.  Under co-location, the sovereignty of the platform is in the hand of Communist China. The Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link is a representative project of “China-Hong Kong economic integration”. The choice of the location itself has a symbolic meaning.  

In the demonstration, many protesters mentioned protest movements in China. Many held the slogan “Today’s Wuhan, Tomorrow’s Hong Kong”. Some even came up with the slogan “Hong Kong at the forefront of the free world, export revolution burning Communist China’s back column”. There were also photographs of dozens of Chinese activists and labour activists with their names and the state of their imprisonments. The protestors distributed leaflets to other fellow protestors to inform about the tortures Chinese activists have been facing. If the anti-extradition law is passed, the juridical system Hong Kong people face will be alike. 

The demonstration passed by were normally packed with Chinese tourists from Individual Travel Scheme. The protestors apply various tactics to explain the incident to the tourists. A protestor SH said, it was not as difficult as expected. The tourists generally expressed their understanding of Hong Kong people’s unwillingness to accept “Chinese-style justice”.  

 Outside the China Hong Kong City building complex, a large group of citizens shouted “Hong Kong police, aim and shoot the head” in Mandarin, and later evolved into singing the national anthem “Marches of the Volunteers” in which a line of lyrics states “Brave the enemies’ gunfire, march on!”

Show Solidarity or not? Heated debates on web-forum LIHKG 

In June, the people of Wuhan launched a mass movement against the construction of waste incinerators and power plants, leading to the discussions of whether Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill movement has had a joint effect in China. Regarding whether the Kowloon Demonstration on July 7 should support the anti-incineration movement in Wuhan, there had been heated debates on LIHKG. In the evening of July 5, the words that Chinese Communist Party sent uniformed police and tanks to the scene, in preparation of the suppression of the demonstration spread on the internet (this news has not been confirmed). Some netizens on LIHKG called the movement "Wuhan Uprising" and suggested that Hong Kong should “export revolution to the whole China." Many "Wuhan uprisings" posts entered the top discussion feeds. Some say that Hong Kong people can use this matter to give further pressure to the CCP.

Netizens showed polarised opinions on whether to show solidarity to the “Wuhan Uprising” in the July 7th demonstration. Some people think that the July 7th demonstration is to explain Hong Kong’s anti extradition bill movement to the Individual Travel Scheme Chinese tourists and it should focus on the Hong Kong issue. Some netizens posted Twitter photos which shows that Wuhan people are afraid of being linked with Hong Kong, and they do not need the support of Hong Kong people. Some people also believe that the Wuhan movement has nothing to do with Hong Kong. In the end, the side advocating concentration on the “five major demands" became the mainstream opinion on LIHKG. The organiser of the demonstration also stated that the gathering would not have content about Wuhan, but the participants could still bring forth their own opinions in the demonstration.