PC Accessories Makers Delayed Workers’ Payout Despite Receiving 177 Million for Factory Relocation

In China, many people believe that the Winter Solstice Festival is even more important the Lunar New Year.  However, on the day before last year’s Winter Solstice, workers at the Shenzhen HEC factory were forced to occupy the factory to defend their rights.

On December 21, 2017, a strike broke out at the Taiwanese owned HEC Enterprise’s production plant in Shenzhen, a leading global manufacturer and designer of PC Cases and Power Supplies.  Earlier in October, the factory published a memo announcing that the Shenzhen production plant will be demolished and relocated to Dongguan in December.  However, until late December, the company still refused to negotiate with the workers’ representatives, while settlement on workers placements and compensations were put on hold, forcing the workers to go on strike and occupied the factory to stop the relocation.  On the same evening, the company eventually agreed to the workers’ demands on severance compensations and wage arrangements during the relocation period.

Workers went on strike and occupied the factory on December 21, 2017

In fact, according to Taiwan's Apple Daily, HEC would receive 177 million yuan in compensation for the land redevelopment project and currently has production plants in Jiangxi and Dongguang manufacturing PC power supplies, cases, and other accessories.  Moreover, the company’s gaming brand, Cougar, is also capitalizing on the eSports upsurge, and saw its turnover soared by 50% last year.  Thus, the company’s initial refusal to negotiate and compensate the workers was neither responsible nor acceptable.  And by rightfully claiming their rights, workers at HEC Shenzhen were able to avoid a miserable Winter Solstice Festival.