Shame on Fast Retailing’s Union Busting in Cambodian

At the morning of 26 Sept, 2016, members from Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, Globalization Monitor and SACOM (Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour, together with other Hong Kong labour groups and a labour activist from Argentina went to UNIQLO's Lee Theatre Flagship Store at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong against Fast Retailing's union busting on Cambodian workers at Zhong Yin. We explained the Cambodian case to the consumers and shouted slogans inside the UNIQLO store to blame for Fast Retailing's union busting behaviour and request for the reinstatement of all the fired Cambodian workers and pay for their wages now. UNIQLO management at the store did not respond to our action. However, several managers and staff took photos of us and noted down what slogans we shouted! One even counted the number of participants.

We therefore strongly urge Fast Retailing to:

  • Inform the Zhong Yin management and the its parent company, Beijing Joywin Fashion Textile Co., Ltd. management that you support the AC Award and its interpretation of Cambodian labor law and that the dismissed workers should immediately be reinstated with back-pay for the time they were forced out of work.
  • Make it explicit to Zhong Yin management that Fast Retailing will participate in any negotiations to resolve the conflict consistent with its duty to take corrective action under its Code of Conduct.
  • Inform the parent company that further orders to the other factories depend on a swift resolution of the unlawful violations by Zhong Yin management of the workers' right to unionize.
  • Increasing Fast Retailing leverage by cooperating with other brands, e.g. H&M and Lindex, sourcing from both Zhong Yin as well as from a number of suppliers belonging to the parent company, Beijing Joywin.